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In our English lessons we are trying to “learn through play” as we have mixed age groups. So it’s important to us to make lesson interesting and active. Here are some methods how do we learn English.
- Practice counting objects from 1-10, or using flash cards. Playing simple games using numbers.
- Introduce the animals, birds, insects, mood, professions, food, types of transport, kitchen utensils and furniture using Glenn Doman cards.
- Watching short cartoons in English (if allowed by parents)
- Sing songs (for example “there was a crocodile”, ‘One banana, two banana”, “ABC song”)
- Introduce the colours using flashcards, objects, toys or items around the room and at the playground outside.
- Read a book- simple tales and books about animals
It is important not to force kids to learn words. Once they become comfortable they will begin learning through playing.

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